Chantal Lachapèle


For 30 years, Chantal, oenologist, has been taking great care to ensure that the fruit harvested and sent to the press produces the finest juice. Her passionate work helps raise Chateau du Clau’s profile, as she combines the best varieties to provide a unique taste experience.

Each picking at the Chateau is a special event; we strive to preserve the quintessence of the fruit – its aromatic balance.

G.Y Guilbon

Development partner

He is committed to perpetuate the best of our tradition and is solely driven by the desire to offer the finest ever juice on the top tables and grocery stores of the world.
According to him, every life event is an opportunity for enjoying the pleasure of opening a Chateau du Clau.

It takes three to properly grasp the full delicacy of a Château du Clau fruit juice : the bottle, a true friend and oneself.