Our Philosophy

Chateau du Clau

The fifth generation of Prieur family maintains the 43 hectares of apple trees.

Our natural and sparkling premium fruit juices are made in the estate’s cellars using traditional methods: no fermentation and thus no alcohol, no added sugar and no additives or preservatives. A 100% natural, pure juice product reminiscent of the soft and sweet-tasting orchard products


Located on the Tarn banks, our orchards benefit from a soil rich in natural nutrients that makes the juice so special.


Excellent sunshine and moderate rainfall for the colouring and sugar. No need for added sugar or colouring agent. The nature is here.


From the young plant to the tree, we take special care of each plant in our orchard, in keeping with the seasons.


Bertranne, Mariri, Gala, Chasselas grape, Williams pear, we combine each variety in an optimal blend.


The best fruits are delicately picked by hand at the freshest hours of the day to preserve all aromas and flavours.


The fruits are quickly pressed to capture each aroma. The pasteurization allows perfect conservation.

Our adress

1460 A route de Montauban, 82370 Labastide Saint Pierre, France